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Cyclomaniacs games are becoming extremely popular with flash game fans. These games are racing games like you’ve never seen before!

Let’s take a closer look at what each Cyclomaniacs games offer to flash racing game lovers.

Cyclomaniacs 1

Cyclomaniacs 1 is a Flash racing game where you race against the clock as well as up to 10 computerized riders in a single-player style game mode. The controls are simple: use either your arrow keys or A, S, D, W keys to control your riders’ bike, press the X or space bar to perform a bunny hop, and press the B button to use your horn – if you have one.

You have 20 different riders to unlock and play as your character; 70 achievements to reach; 20 horns to win; and there are 26 tracks to complete. In addition, there are five different worlds; each containing 5 to 6 tracks.

With each rider, you can upgrade the bikes stats. The stats you upgrade will automatically work for all of your bikes/riders – so don’t worry about the possibility of spending your winnings on upgrades, then losing those upgrades when you choose a new rider.

To earn in-game cash, all you have to do is complete the tracks and earn achievements. You win $100 for coming in first place; $50 for coming in second place; $25 for coming in third place, and so on. In addition, you win $200 for each achievement you complete while playing each track.

You have the option to pause/mute your game, turn on or off the sound effects and music, restart the level you are on, or quit the level.

Cyclomaniacs 2

In Cyclomaniacs 2, you are racing against the other computerized riders in an attempt to save Princess Jennifer from all the original Cyclomaniacs – who have become ninjas. The game is set in a Theme Park.

This game has 39 new tracks, 50 new riders, mini-games you can play in addition to the main tracks, and plenty of hidden objects for you to find.

The controls are all the same as they were in the original Cyclomaniacs game: arrow keys or A, S, D, W to control your bike, X or space bar to jump. The main difference with the controls is now you can pause the game by pressing the P button, and you can restart the track by pressing the R button.

As you could in the original Cyclomaniacs, you can perform different stunts with your bike and rider. In this version, the stunts you can perform include Front Wheelie, Back Wheelie, Front Roll, Back Roll, Ticktacks, and Inverts.

Unlike in the previous version, Cyclomaniacs 2 offers an inventory, additional upgrades, and funny mini-videos you can watch.


Cyclomaniacs 3

Cyclomaniacs 3 brings a lot more new features, tracks, customizations, and items to the gaming experience. The controls are all the same as in the previous versions, however in this version; you can now adjust the graphics quality to high, medium, or low, as well as clear the map if you would like to start the game from the very beginning.

It offers the player to customize the riders clothes and shoes colors. In addition to upgrading your riders/bikes stats, you can also purchase items from the Game Shop to further increase your abilities. To make purchases in the Game Shop, you need to earn in-game money by completing tracks and achievements.

The amount of money you earn when you complete a track varies. If you come in first place, you win $300; coming in second place gets you $200; coming in third place will allow you to earn $100, and so on. In addition to earning money by completing tracks, you can also earn by completing achievements. For each achievement you complete you will win $500!


Cyclomaniacs 4

Cyclomaniacs 4 is similar to its previous versions. You are racing against other computerized riders to reach the end flag first. Much of the features and settings options are the same as they were in Cyclomaniacs 3 – with a few new additions.

In Cyclomaniacs 4, you can now customize your controls! This makes it easier on players so they can play at the comfort level they desire – instead of relying on the game developers to be mind readers.

In addition, there are many new bikes you can unlock and purchase – including dirt bikes! You can even customize your bikes by changing their colors as well as your rider’s clothes and shoes colors. You can also upgrade your bikes stats: speed, acceleration, brake, boost, spin, and jump.

Cyclomaniacs 3 introduced the Game Shop feature. This version also has a Game Shop, but you will not find any Vitamin Waters and clothing options in this shop – oh no – in this shop, you can purchase the better bikes; including dirt bikes.

Now, some of these items in the Game Shop can be rather expensive. That is why your winnings are now much more than ever before! Now, when you come in first place, you can win $800; second place earns you $400; and if you finish in third place, you will receive $200. In addition to these winnings, for each achievement you complete, you will be awarded another $1,000!



Cyclomaniacs 1-4 all have cheat codes, hints, and even walkthroughs available to help you beat the games. You can also find sites that have hacked the game.


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