Cyclomaniacs 1

Cyclomaniacs  is a bike racing game where you race against the computer and the clock in a 10-man bicycle race.

How to play

The controls on this game are rather simple. You may use A, S, W, D or the arrow keys to control your characters bike, the “X” key or the Space bar to perform a bunny hop, and press the “B” key to use the horn, if you have one.

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This game offers good quality graphics with lots of great colors. It is very eye appealing.

Worlds and levels

In Cyclomaniacs 1, there are five worlds to play on – each with 5 to 6 levels to complete. Most levels and worlds are locked initially;however, you can easily unlock them by simply completing specific “Achievements”. Achievement requirements can range anywhere from performing a double reverse somersault to completing a level within a designated period. There are a total of 26 different tracks (levels) and 70 achievements to reach.


While you may not be able to customize your characters appearance on this fast-paced racing game, there are still a large selection of racers you can choose from. In fact, there are 20!

When you first start playing, you are only able to select one racer – RoboJAM. However, as you continue to unlock levels and complete achievements, your selection quickly grows. You can play as “Cycle King” who looks just like Elvis, or you can select someone Spoke the zombie.


As mentioned above, you cannot customize your characters appearance;however, you can customize your racers stats. All stat upgrades apply to all bikes and racers. Here is a list of what you can upgrade:

  • Top speed
  • Acceleration
  • Brake
  • Boost
  • Spin

Each upgrade will cost in-game money. Each time you upgrade, the cost for the next upgrade also increases. To earn in-game money, simply complete track levels and achievements. If you come in 1st place, you can earn $100; 2nd place, you can receive $50; 3rd place gets you $25, and so on. Each achievement you complete earns you $200 plus whatever that achievement unlocks.


Cyclomaniacs 1 has a few options and settings you can adjust or select. They are:

  • Quit track/level
  • Pause/Mute game
  • Restart Level
  • Toggle Sound FX on/off
  • Toggle Music on/off
  • Help


There are a few cheats available for all you cheaters out there. These cheats include the ability to upgrade your stats for only $, and flipping no longer resets your game, or your stunt or boost. These cheats also make it easy to earn boost.

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